If you have had the chance to see Tilted Axes in action, consider yourself lucky. The electric guitar collective, which was started in 2011 by Julliard alum and composer Patrick Grant, have brought their mobile guitar concerts to cities in three continents thus far, and are expanding.

This past summer they even captured their electric guitar symphony in an album. “Music For Mobile Guitars” gives everyone the chance to enjoy the experimental sounds of Tilted Axes, even if they cannot catch them live yet.

tilted-axes-2Inspired by his theater work and his passion to push the limits of the electric guitar away from traditional band structures, Patrick Grant started Tilted Axes as a performance group in the Make Music New York Winter Solstice event. No one had seen any concert quite like it. Tilted Axes brings live music directly to the audience by strapping amps around their bodies and touring the city. The music is composed by Grant, and the collaborating musicians are encouraged to improvise and adapt to the energy of both the audience and the environment. Grant describes the sounds as “sonic narratives” paying homage to the city in which they are performed. When an event is scheduled, Tilted Axes calls for local musicians to apply. They then learn original songs composed by Grant and plan a route for their concert.

Patrick Grant, composer and creator of Tilted Axes

While Tilted Axes are certainly best experienced live, their album “Music For Mobile Guitars” exemplifies the talent and range of the humble electric guitar. No song is the same. There are no limits set on the genres of music as it spans from ballads to rock anthems. I recommend touring your own city while listening to the album to get a more authentic Tilted Axes experience. Grant and the collaborating musicians have certainly found a way to celebrate the electric guitar, all the while contributing to the atmosphere of each city they perform in.

Check out the full “Music For Mobile Guitars” album here.

To find out more information about Tilted Axes’ upcoming events, visit their website.


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