What do you picture when you think of rock and roll? Musicians dressed head to toe in black? Smashing guitars? Me too.

If you’re needing more of that classic rock and roll energy in your life, then lucky for you that LA-based indie rock group Max Fite fits the bill. They recently released their album “Shake It On Down” full of songs which they describe as a road map to life’s struggles and successes. Their inspiration comes from collaboration as they believe that art is created from both triumph and loss.

The first single from the new album titled “Devil in Me” is full of energetic guitar riffs and a heavy rock style. The group’s lead vocalist, Max Fitelson, has a voice similar to Paul Banks of Interpol. It is low and monotonous but still retains a level of emotion needed when trying to convey a message in a song. All of the songs on “Shake It on Down” follow a similar formula. Most are dense with the sound of guitars as Max’s voice booms through. They are full of energy, although I do believe that variation will serve them well with their second album.

The music video for “Devil in Me” displays the classic rock visuals you would expect to see when listening to Max Fite. The band is clad in all black, a beautiful woman attracts their attention and eventually a guitar is smashed. It is not too out of the ordinary for a rock and roll group, though it is a basic way for Max Fite to solidify their place as rockers. With time, perhaps they will push the boundaries of rock in the new era of music.

Watch the video for “Devil in Me” here. Also, keep up to date with Max Fite’s new release and upcoming shows by visiting their website.


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