A Little More Country feels like a lot more country to me after listening through the new album from Michael Van & The Movers. 

Michael describes it as “getting back to the richness of the simple things in life, (back to) the roots of our music.” The album is filled with classic country riffs and the signature twang.

The video for the title track “A Little More Country” will give you the best feel for what to expect from the rest of the album. As the song plays, all of the typical country cliches are covered: the jam session in the backyard, pretty girl smelling a flower, the band clad in cowboy hats. The song itself is full of sound, with a stand-out steel guitar solo from Mark Berhard Stevenson. Though “A Little More Country” fits the classic country mold, it seems as though the band don’t take themselves too seriously. The lyrics reflect their experience with writing a country song, and they end up with one in the end.

michael-van-the-movers-2All of the songs throughout the album are lively, while still remaining minimal. The vocals in “Juanita” sound very similar to classic Tom Petty tracks. That is the key to the signature sound of Michael Van & The Movers. There are elements that you will find in traditional country tracks heard throughout the vocals, mandolin, and banjo. However, they also add a more modern twist on classic country with elements of steel guitar and a strong guitar presence overall. For Michael, adding a little more country means getting back to the simpler things in life and revealing truths through every song.

Michael Van & The Movers brings together various musicians with a lot of talent. You can keep up to date with their music and listen to their full album on their website.


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