New single “Warning Signs” from Jenna Lotti

Sometimes when life takes an unexpected turn, or just stabs you in the back, you can’t help but ask yourself how you possibly could have failed to see it coming. Jenna Lotti, an LA based artist, speaks on behalf of everyone who has been fooled in that matter, especially by someone they once trusted. In her new single “Warning Signs,” Lotti grabs this unfortunate life lesson and produces an empowering pop song out of it to set us back on our feet again. The music video for the track expands the song’s message and enhances the female empowerment behind the lyrics.

The very first shot of the music video shows the peace and serenity of a field at sunset and eases into a couple of other locations. While the first few seconds start out slow, Lotti soon comes right out with a bold verse, “They were right there in front of me, all this time I made believe that you were the one I needed.” We then see an establishing shot of Lotti herself, dressed head to toe in white. She stands underneath a a white pergola with a clear pool leading in front of her. With white being the dominant color here, it gives a sense of purity and innocence while at the same time, the pool, which she eventually steps into, may represent the cleansing of past negativity and refreshment to set forth with.

Jenna Lotti killed two birds with one stone in “Warning Signs.”

The third location of the video creates a strong feminist approach. It is set in a forest. Lotti and three other women sit back to back as they act in uniformed choreography. The last location is interesting because it only appears in short snippets. It takes place outdoors during the night. They are all dressed in darker colors with paint on their face while holding sparklers. This shows that although they were once hurt, they remain pure, strong and have only grown even stronger from the experience.

While “Warning Signs” consists of a message that might cut a little deep, the song is a rather uplifting tune and is definitely one that will be difficult to get out of your head. It is relatable to nearly the entire world population in someway or another. Jenna Lotti killed two birds with one stone in “Warning Signs.” Listen to it for advice, if you just want to dance, or better yet —both.

Written by: Carrigan Drallos


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