Start Up ATX’17: Up and to the Right

There’s nothing like looking at a business plan and immediately deciding if it’s a worthwhile venture. If we had a few million to invest, these would be our top choices.

smarter sorting logo


Waste & Recycling


$1.8 million

AI for Waste Processing

Smarter Sorting has built an AI & data-driven technology to take waste streams to the next level. With the support of industry-leading waste programs, we have tested and proven a system that increases reuse, reduces costs, and simplifies training, especially concerning expensive chemical waste.

think and zoom logo


Assistive Technology, Human Augmentation, Neuroscience


Bootstrapping, $100k

Look, “Think and Zoom” to see Better!

Provides affordable and innovative solutions for the visually impaired, including brain powered video magnifier and reader. Creating a world where visual impairment no longer steals dreams or kills careers.

fromage to you logo


Food Delivery



Artisanal Cheese & Pairing Delivery

Brings the local cheese shop experience to your doorstep in handcrafted, reusable pine boxes. They go beyond the traditional to deliver you a tasting journey with exceptional artisan cheeses, perfect pairings like preserves, crackers, and educational product information and tips.


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