Rock Out to the New EP from LIP

It’s a new year which means new music!

One band that should definitely be on your playlist in 2018 is LIP, an awesome new contemporary rock band that resides right here in Austin.

LIP has been evolving since 2015 and they’ve finally found their sound. They spent last year recording their EP in a house off of MLK and Chicon, just before their self-made studio was condemned by the city. In addition to debuting their live set, they released their first single, “Help” in October 2017, followed by their self-titled EP.

Inspired by classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, LIP has keeps an authentic hard rock sound while also introducing new elements. Every song brings something different to the table, showing just how large a range the band members have. The EP starts with the song, “In Flanders Fields,” which sounds more folksy then the rest, though it quickly moves into the hard rock sound and signature guitar solos you’ll find sprinkled throughout the rest of the EP. Their newest single, “Help,” feels more groovy while “Waves” is almost a romantic ballad fused with heavy rock. LIP reminds me of Saint Motel. While listening, you’ll find pop elements in the choruses of “Way Down Inside You” and “Long Way Home.” However, LIP differentiates themselves with their raw, authentic sound stemming from their impressive musicianship.

Dive right in and listen to LIP’s newest EP for yourself! Also, if you’re in Austin, definitely keep a look out for upcoming shows.



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