Nostalgic Punk from Bad Cop

To say Nashville-based band Bad Cop’s sophomore album release was a greatly anticipated moment is an understatement.

After the post-punk band was shepherded into existence by Adam Christopher Moult and Alexander Hartness in 2009, they quickly strutted their way to success.

“Their sound is an ode to classic post-punk, reminiscent of The Kinks with a sprinkle of psych-pop.”

Staying true to punk culture, they released their first demo on Myspace. From then on they were playing shows on shows for years, sparking the interest of the classic punk label ROIR records, and Converse even adopted them as a brand ambassador in 2015. Their sound is an ode to classic post-punk, reminiscent of The Kinks with a sprinkle of psych-pop. A true modern-day remnant of the rock n’ roll spirit; they are all sex, drugs, and not giving a f*ck.

A Changing Point

However, this momentum hit a wall when Hartness passed in 2016. This tragedy was the impetus for Moult’s musical and personal shapeshifting: he constructed new material and re-worked tunes he and Hartness collaborated on. As Moult began working with producer Chris Grainger, Bad Cop’s sophomore album started to materialize. It’s release in April 2018 symbolizing a rebirth for Bad Cop and Moult. The first track of Hello, Mr. Sunshine, titled “AlviClass” starts soft, leading you in only to quickly smack you across the face with a classic punk beat. The vocals are sexy and uninhibited, reminding one of Franz Ferdinand hits. The drums are upbeat and tight, keeping the momentum of the song moving forward. Punk lovers will find this track comforting, it tastes nostalgic: like cassette tapes and your first drop of liquor.

Their tracks like “AlviClass” and “Dreamer Man” remain true to the post-punk genre without sounding tired or overdone. There’s something both fresh and familiar about them. Maybe is the in your face rhythm guitar or the continued outsider status of Bad Cop, either way, they are a band you must be listening to. If you are a fan of The Cure, The Growlers, and the Sex Pistols, you’ll adore Bad Cop.

Written by: Alexis Sleeper



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