Erick Soberanes, Brian Garcia and Andrea Zaramella are the powerful trio behind The Gonzos.

Their influences span genres and generations, from Led Zeppelin to BB King, all of which you can hear in their eclectic and soulful alternative music.

Their latest EP, The Gonzos III, was released earlier this year to much praise. We interviewed the band for Issue 24: Worth It. and rocked out to their set during our ART: LIVE! Celebration.

How did you form The Gonzos?

ES: Brian and I had been friends since elementary school and started jamming in middle school. We got serious after moving to Austin, and were really going after it. After putting up a Craigslist ad for a drummer, we found Andrea, and everything came together.

Why did you choose music as your path?

ES: Music has always been a source of joy for me. I enjoy the party that music can create. It’s like a brotherhood among us three that makes it fun and rewarding even with the challenges.

BG: I think it goes back to Erick. When I was younger I was always jamming. If I had to do something with music, Erick was there. The group itself is what keeps me coming back.

AZ: Since I was young, my dream was to play in front of people. I always thought of it as a lifestyle for me, not a job. With this project, I see a big growth even though we just started. It inspires me to invest. We’re getting better together.

Outside of performing, what else do you have to dedicate your time to?

All: When we’re preparing for a show, we practice sometimes 3 times a week. In between, we’re writing songs. Producing and recording also take a lot of time. We try to keep promotion or posting as low maintenance as possible, but the administrative side is a constant. For self care, sometimes we’re really exhausted, especially after practice, so it can be difficult to balance.

What makes music rewarding?

ES: It’s the most satisfying creative outlet that I’ve experienced. Being able to bring a lot of different creative endeavors into one package–the writing, performing, choosing the album art–it’s a really good creative outlet.

BG: It’s my escape from a 9-5. When you create music it takes you to this different place.

AZ: I feel this sense of community when I play and people like the music. That’s something really cool, engaging with so many people. It’s magical.

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