Ethereal Tracks from GEA’s Debut Album Pink

Helsinki based artist GEA has released her debut album Pink which she created in collaboration with musician/producer Mikko H. Haapoja.

She joins the likes of Bjorn and Kate Bush for her experimental and minimal electronic-indie sound.

GEA-Pink-PromoGEA is the stage name for Laura Avonius. Laura grew up in Finland and became inspired by the environment when she started making music. When it comes to writing lyrics, Laura takes a holistic approach, which creates songs full of raw emotion.

Pink was made in collaboration with the multi-talented Miko H. Haapoja. The songs are heavy-laden with piano and traditional Finnish instruments that are unfamiliar in modern music. Most of the songs contain minimal electronic arrangements, allowing GEA’s voice to be the driving force behind each track. Her lyrics are poetic and the vocals themselves feel like an echo gently intertwined with the instruments. Every aspect of the song seems both intentional and experimental. Songs like the title track, “Pink,” have a consistent melody, with subtle interjections of instruments to leave just enough room for the mind to wander. The accompanying music video contains flashes of different scenes, and is a nice visual companion to the uncomplicated song.

Songs like “Followers” and “Real You and Me” are unlike the others on Pink. Though they evoke a similar feeling from the listener, they are more upbeat. The string instruments in “Real You and Me” are especially apparent, as the song feels louder and fuller than the rest. The entire album itself can be described as serene, peaceful and even somewhat mysterious. It is uniquely authentic to GEA – from the Finnish instruments to the deeply personal lyrics.

GEA made her debut last Fall in New York City. If you would like to keep up with her upcoming shows and listen to her new tracks, visit her website.



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