The new album, World Gone Mad, recently released by The Kris Heaton Band, is a blend of blues and rock with the feel of a live concert.

Frontman Kris Heaton is a veteran of the music scene. He began his rock n’ roll career in the 1970s, playing with various groups and touring around the country. He’s been heavily involved with his own band since and now plays frequent shows in his hometown of Connecticut.

World Gone Mad is a combination of Kris’s signature lyrical commentary and good old fashioned rock n’ roll. The newest single, “Who Let the Bullets Fly,” packs various genres and styles throughout the song. It starts with a synth-pop feel, as Kris’s voice steadily rises and is altered by a 80s sounding vocal effect. As the song builds, the chorus booms and turns the song into a rock anthem, complete with a sing-a-long chant fading into the next verse. The lyrics are kept simple and the title phrase, “who let the bullets fly,” is repeated. It sounds like the perfect song to perform live, since the audience will easily and enthusiastically sing along.

The title track, “World Gone Mad,” starts off in a similar fashion. It combines synth pop with blues and rock. It’s an unlikely combination, but Kris Heaton seems to be experimenting with sounds all throughout this new album. The only part that takes away from the impact of the song is the continuous change of inflection in Kris’s voice. The track seems like it was recorded live. It this was the feel they intended, then it works well. But if not, then it sounds less professionally recorded and more like karaoke.

The Kris Heaton Band has made their new album available on Spotify. To keep up with their upcoming tour dates and releases, visit their website.



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