Though we looooove the medium of print, we understand it has limitations.

One challenge we face is finding new ways to feature the pleathora of musicians (in Austin and beyond) that submit their music with each call for art. We tried adding mini speakers and taping individual USBs to each issue but that just wasn’t cost effective.

We want our readers to not only learn about theses artists but also be able to experience their work. Enter our solution: the newest addition to our website, our bi-monthly feature, Artists to Hear.

In our second edition, we’ve featured five new musical artists ranging from oceanic indie rock to classic country blues. So read along, follow your favorites and discover something new to listen to!


Austin band Sick/Sea is an indie rock trio from what they refer to as “the tropical Texas Valley.” Comprised of Audrey Scott (vocals/guitar), Johnny Garza (bass) and Cameron Scott (drums), Sick/Sea is a mash of pop, funk, indie and math rock (you know, the most popular genre).

Their music, like their name, takes inspiration from the ocean, applying the same emotionally driven dynamics to the ebb and flow of songwriting. Their upcoming album Closed Book is a mix of genres, powered by their first single “Slowpoke” which will be released this year.

I got a preview of the  “Slowpoke” video, directed by ART alum Owen Schwartzbard which premiered on August 2nd. It’s beautifully shot, with elements of fantasy, longing and relatability all incapsulated in the music. And of course, they incorporated water.

@sick_sea | Youtube


GuttaX2 is an Austin-based, New Orleans born hip-hop artist and talented rapper that we have known for years. His powerful stage presence is a match to his aggressive, energetic rhythm which we got to witness first hand at our We Got Issues Celebration: 13+14 in June.

I was surprised to hear that our event was the first time Gutta Rich has performed on stage since he was so natural. He was accompanied by our resident DJ Trupica and hip-hop artist Blacklight for an impromptu add-on to his performance.

Gutta Rich plans to release more tracks and hopefully perform in other local venues in the city. We know it won’t be the last time he performs during one of our events!

@gr_life | Soundcloud

3Bronze Whale

Indie-electronic duo Bronze Whale has graced us with a performance multiple times since Almost Real Things started hosting events. Austin natives Aaron Jacques and Benny Alley are the musicians behind Bronze Whale, pairing their upbeat, genre-bending tracks with their love and knowledge of music.

If you listen to Bronze Whale, you may hear a little bit of everything: dubstep, indie, trap, and drum & bass to name a few. The goal of their music is to bridge the gap between these genres, creating a sound that is unique to everyone, yet can’t be labeled as one thing.

Their album The Shape of Things was released this year along with an accompanying album of remixes of each song. It’s the perfect summer mix, which is to be listened to as you read their upcoming feature in Issue 15!

@bronzewhale | Website

4King Air

Songwriting partners Joy and Bill Baldwin are on a mission to make music. So far, this Austin duo is on track after releasing one of two planned EPs in April of this year.

No Frowns Allowed is a compilation of five indie-pop songs each uniquely their own yet still cohesive together. It’s a range “from jangly to dreamy” according to the band and their single “Cut Ya Loose” personifies just that. The music video starts in a Love Actually note card fashion, with John as the central subject. You’ll see familiar sites of Austin throughout as you witness John’s solo journey trying to discover the happiness in his life.

The song is simple and powerful. It’s a playful mix of high energy and low key indie dream pop that I’m eager to see more of.

@kingairmusic | Website

5Stone House (Rick Steinburg)

Live Video

Blues musician and visual artist Rick Steinburg has been performing in Austin for the last nineteen years under the name Stone House. Originally from Chicago, IL, Rick was born into a creative environment. His father, C. Louis Steinburg, was an abstract expressionist painter and professor at Illinois State University, where Rick ended up graduating from.

In 1980, Rick moved to Austin and in addition to pursing music, he taught as a Fine Arts teacher at Spicewood Elementary School for 32 years.

Rick now plays shows at venues throughout Austin. His music is the authentic and unique country blues that fits the setting most people traveling to Texas are imagining. Rick plays with emotion, which is apparent through every strum of his guitar and each note that he sings.

@stonehouseblues | Facebook

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