2019 was our favorite year for music since 2018.

This is our favorite playlist we’ve put together so far. 2019 was a year for reinvention. Coming back from hiatus, bending genres on their heads, unlikely collaborations—we heard it all. And we’re going to keep on listening straight through the holidays because no one needs another celebrity Christmas album. Enjoy!

Shout out to our badass Austin acts: Springful, Bronze Whale, Fuvk, Cloudchord, Henry Invisible, Calliope Musicals, Fanclub, Shy Beast, Swayló, Psychic Shark, Lucky Badger, Clusterfunk, Torre Blake, Grupo Fantasma, Dossey, Lizarazo, Luke and The Lonely, MARZO, Sick/Sea, and Flizoshi!

Are you or one of your friends in an incredible Austin act that put out some heat this year? DM us with some links on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll listen through!

Follow this year’s playlist and watch the jams roll in!


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