Ryan Brocha’s surreal photography shows a very different side of Austin. And it was all inspired from a glitch on his phone’s camera.

We had to take two, three, even four looks at Ryan’s photographs to figure out how they were put together. The subject matter was so familiar and distinctly Austin – Frost Bank, Town Lake – but there was something off about them.

Lady Bird Falls

So we featured Ryan in Issue 18 Surreal // So Real and found out more about how his photographs were created.

How do you describe your photography?

I am an experimental photographer. While my signature technique began as an accident, the photography has developed into capturing the subconscious of a particular moment in time.

Can you share more about your process?

My journey into experimental photography started after discovering a glitch on my iPhone’s panorama setting.

The Indespondent

As my technique grew, I began capturing raw images that transcended reality, unlocking a new dimension of perception. Today, my panomorphic photography represents the truly surreal uncertainty in which Austin has found itself in 2020.

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