Kelly Schafer, of Amped Art Studio, uses her platform as an artist to bring attention to food insecurity.

Her recent series, Soul Food, was featured in the Artist Spotlight of Issue 21, Kelly paints famous musicians alongside the food she imagines them bringing to a “Rockstar Potluck.” She partnered with Free Lunch ATX, a collective of creatives who reduce food insecurity by growing, cooking, and serving food.

Learn more about Kelly and her Soul Food series by reading below.

Diana Ross and Buttered Popcorn

I believe art has the all-around power to help feed bodies, minds, and souls.

The general focus of my project, Amped Art Studio, has been sharing an appreciation for the importance of music and celebrating the spirit and the stories of specific musicians through loose portraiture. Most of my depictions are of musicians with their instruments.

Recently, I started a sort of spinoff series involving musicians and food with a goal of raising awareness and funds to help fight food insecurity in our community. Specifically, sales from my Soul Food series are to benefit Free Lunch ATX.

Black Joe Lewis and Honeybear

The silliness of these pieces has spread joy and lent a lightness to the heavy situation we’re all in together.

The premise is pure fantasy–if life were freer and easier and we could have a big potluck party what would people bring? Most of the associated foods in this imaginary Rockstar Potluck come from song titles, lyrics and/or band names.

Food insecurity is an issue I’ve cared about for a long time and have tried to find creative solutions to. The biggest impact I’ve had to date was starting the Round Rock Empty Bowls Festival 10 years ago which has involved thousands of students in service learning and helped raise tens of thousands of dollars. I’ve also contributed to the Austin Empty Bowls Project and other community initiatives.

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