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ART Issue 05


We’re back with Almost Real Things Issue 05—an artzine packed with activities, fashion, music, news, and artist spotlights. This issue features work from 31 fantastic artists.

Featured Artists
Alessia Meola, Alex Doty, Andrew Parsons, Borja Cabada, Brian Stokes, Carmen Garza, Chad Allen, Dave Thomas, David Lamplugh, Emily Morris, Emree Weaver, Flip Solomon, Gage Kelsey, Gert Johan Manschot, Ghost Van Gogh, Ian Sells, IGAustinTexas, Jam Sanitchat, Javier Gonzalez, Jessica Pisani, Josette Jellison, Josh Watson, Lauren Cohen, Maria Teresa, Marquee Blackman, Natalie Gomez, Travis Ratcliff, Victoria O’Dell, Wade Keusder, Yung Wall Street, Zoë Smurr

Full color
60 pages of fun and inspiration
4.5″ x 6″ pocket size format
Release date: 01/01/2017

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