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In Almost Real Things Issue 20 we asked creators “What is your art made of?”

This issue, our art, is a combination of paper, ink, ideas, writing, editing, collaboration. Those are obvious.

Peel back a layer and the process is filled with brainstorming, experimentation, compromise, failure, deadlines, no sleep.

We look at it again and I see community, memories, dreams, chance, hope, future.

The surface level doesn’t always reveal the true work of bringing your creative endeavor to life. It’s much more than the materials, appearance and perception.

For our 20th issue, we wanted to highlight all of the components that go into being a creator. We asked artists to share combo lists of what makes up their art. Musicians shared stories to compare their past and present. Community members and collectives delved into the complicated relationship between art and business.

Almost Real Things Issue 20 “Combo” is an artzine packed with activities, music, artist spotlights, tips & advice, and community updates from our ART Club. This issue features work and interviews from 35 fantastic creators and organizations in and around Austin, TX.

Featured Artists

Daniel Wood Adams, Luis Angulo, SJ Salazar Aponte, Adrian Armstrong, Boogietraxx, Akki Brathwaite, Braxley Bands, Ryan Crawley, Creekside Studio, Dead Space Dash, Darryl Demps, Natalie Earhart, April Garcia, Giant Letter, Goodluck Buddha, Saira Holland, Kerry Hugins, Phoebe Joynt, Leslie Kell, Johnna Krantz, Ley Line, Elliot Liebman, Shruti Mehta, Brandon Munley, Nolina, Red Herring, Erik Ross, Topher Sipes, Lindsay Laser Smith, Something Cool Studios, Suzy Soulshine, Matt Stanley, Hallie Rae Ward, Alyssa Young, Yasmin Youssef, Zachary Zulch.


Full color
52 pages of fun and inspiration
4.5″ x 6″ pocket size format
Release date: 7/12/2021

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