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ART Issue 19


Almost Real Things Issue 19 is all about those who make and those who do. And those who make do.

It’s an all-encompassing theme focused on exploring why people make, and what pushes them to keep doing it. When put together, the phrase itself gave us insight into how people choose to work through obstacles, when something unexpected changes their course (hello 2020).

It’s an artzine packed with activities, music, artist spotlights, news, and community updates from our ART Club. This issue features work and interviews from 32 fantastic creatives and organizations in and around Austin, TX.

Featured Artists

Kelsey Archbold, Braxley Bands, Calliope Musicals, Delmar Clarke, Marcie Dodd, Natalie Earhart, Easy Compadre!, Aimée Everett, FLORAL SEA, Giant Letter, Sarah Hall, In Bold Company: Kristina Gonzalez Sander, In House International: Michu Benaim Steiner, Lady Heartwing, Madrone Mountain Coffee, Lauren McPhail, Brandon Munley, Pratiksha Muir, David Munoz, DeLoné Osby, Daddy Otis, Julie Pelaez, Rhea Pirani, Red Moth, Kendrick Rudolph, Jayson Sol, Toni Toscano, TreeGarden, (Mer)Maggie Williamson, Wisüchee, Amanda Witucki, Zachary Zulch.


Full color
52 pages of fun and inspiration
4.5″ x 6″ pocket size format
Release date: 5/3/2021

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