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In Almost Real Things Issue 22 we asked creators: “Do you make something that no one has ever thought of? Are you using your skills in an unexpected way? Do you specialize in reusing or repurposing materials?”

“Make what you know,” isn’t a phrase that’s thrown around art circles.

Experimentation, failing and making do with what you have are all a part of the process. Maybe you don’t end up with a masterpiece by the time you leave your studio, but you’re building skills of resiliency and overcoming obstacles that ultimately make you a better creator.

In this issue, we’re exploring what “new” means in art. What we found was that making something new doesn’t always require you to invent something from nothing. New is transformative. It’s innovative. It’s surprising, collaborative, and pushes boundaries. To pursue something new is to challenge yourself—not because you want to be uncomfortable—but because you will grow from it.

Almost Real Things Issue 22 “Something New” is an artzine packed with activities, music, artist spotlights, and community updates from our ART Club community. This issue features work and interviews from 32 fantastic creators and organizations in and around Austin, TX.

Featured Artists

Angry Cloud, Kelsey Archbold, Dillon Biggs, Jeremy Rashad Brown, Veronica Ceci, Cryptic Enigma, RuDi Devino, Jonah Dillon, Natalie Earhart, Yara Erazo, Felipe Gomez, Saira Holland, Pavi Kannan, Morgan Kelley, Natalie Keuss, Laura Malischke, Jesslyn Marie, Red Moth, Brandon Munley, Iain Neberman, Raasin in the Sun, Shannon Purcell, The Silver Rider, TreeGarden, TV Head, David Wehmeyer, Juliet Whitsett, Wine Rack Soundtrack, Clare Wuellner, Alyssa Young, Yoso, & Zachary Zulch.


Full color
52 pages of fun and inspiration
4.5″ x 6″ pocket size format
Release date: 11/18/2021

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