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Artists are like superheroes.

I’m half telling the truth when I say that the ULTRA SUPER PLUS theme was inspired by tampons. I like the extreme euphemisms that are used to avoid saying, “they will absorb all of your period blood.” I mean, feminine protection? Really?

The other half of me is thinking that artists are like superheroes. Think of the power it takes to create: despite the internal battles and constant frustration, to extract something from inside yourself and bring it into existence for everyone else to see. That is ULTRA SUPER PLUS.

For this issue, we asked contributors where their power comes from. We wanted to know what makes their art bold and impactful and how they find the courage to share it with the world. On the plus side, we aimed to pinpoint the added elements that make each creation uniquely individual. Is there more than meets the eye?

What we ended up with is an in-your-face issue filled to the brim with colorful creations, gripping stories and enough inspiration to make you feel like you can fly.

So soak it up. Don’t look away. Absorb everything you can from these amazing creators and discover the superpowers you hold within. There’s nothing stopping you. Let your mind flow. Be ULTRA SUPER PLUS. Period.

Almost Real Things Issue 23 “ULTRA SUPER PLUS” is an artzine packed with activities, artist spotlights, music, community updates and the latest from our ART Club community. This issue features work and interviews from 34 fantastic creators and organizations in and around Austin, TX.


Trey Abraham, Juan Carlos Amorrortu, The Arboretum, Brooke “Miss NASA” Bennett, Christina Cicchelli, John Paul Dingens, Natalie Earhart, Blair Gallacher, Generally Right Brained, Joe Hermosa, S. L. Houser, Lindsey Lamar, Celica Ledesma, Maggie Lyon, Megan McGuire, Mic Check, John Moonan, Kirk Morrison, J Muzacz, Sarah Osborne, PlexusPlay, Red Herring, Red Moth, Asia Renée, James Robinson, Sam Soper, Abel Soto, Space Trayn, Jade Tantillo, The Coy Collection, The Little Gay Shop, Urban Heat, Diego Zion and Zachary Zulch.


Full color
52 pages of fun and inspiration
4.5″ x 6″ pocket size format
Release date: 02/03/2022

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