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Hello again!

Sometimes when you are living in the moment, it’s impossible to see the progress that you’ve made. When you’re constantly on to the next thing, you don’t get time to sit back and admire what you’ve built.

Our last magazine was released seven months ago. It’s a hard pill to swallow, especially since, in my own words, “the magazine is the thing!” It’s what we started with.

We went full force on events, selling more art and getting our ART Bus ready to roll. There was little rest but lots of reflection. And now as we put together our 25th issue, I know this—Almost Real Things is us. It’s a reflection of Austin’s art community. It’s a collective effort of creators to make space for themselves
with an open invitation to everyone. And, it’s also a magazine.

In Issue 25 “Hello!” it’s time to reintroduce ourselves alongside
our usual fare of introductions to artists and communities on the rise in Austin. We asked questions that were out of left field on purpose, bridging the gap between the maker and the end result. We want you to form a connection that goes beyond admiration of their art.

So where are we going now? Anywhere we want! We’re focusing on ways to make it easier for creators to succeed, and for everyone to feel inspired and empowered to participate in the art community.

So say hello! Because we’re not saying goodbye

Almost Real Things Issue 25 “Hello!” is an artzine packed with activities, artist spotlights, music, community updates and the latest from our ART Club community. This issue features work and interviews from 34 fantastic creators and organizations in and around Austin, TX.


Julian Acosta, Art Direct, Deezie Brown, Mez Data, Aaron DeGruyter, Distribution Hall, Natalie Earhart, Justin Ebel, Paola Emhardt, Daniela Gomez, Brent Howard, Hope Hummingbird, Bre “Snakebreath” Jackson, Brett Johnson, Rob Jr., Jonny Jukebox, Hector Kriete, Kwik Ice, Ashley Lewis, Maggie Lyon, Cole Marler, Garrison Moore, J Muzacz, Desire’ Palmer, Jumana Abd Al Rahman, Carmen Rangel, Katelyn Rieder, Lolita Rodriguez, Trouble in The Streets, Zoee Xiao, Hannah Zeeb, Zach Zulch.
Cover Photography by Jay Ybarra. Artist Spotlight design by Zoe Axelrod.


Full color
52 pages of fun and inspiration
4.5″ x 6″ pocket size format
Release date: 02/20/2023

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