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Come As You Are with Gert Johan Manschot, Zen Artist

Come As You Are with Gert Johan Manschot

Upon arriving to Johan's home AKA "The Dutch Barn" we were greeted by a friendly barking dog. As we opened his gate a few more...
Painter and Illustrator Lena Martin: Hops & Grain

Helena Martin and the Visual Power of Emotion

"The most important theme in all my drawings, paintings and murals is emotions. Often this leads to fairly abrasive or unsettling subject matter. I find...
BLVD, Street Artist, Painter, and Muralist

Don’t Overthink It with Austin’s BLVD

Evolving. Whimsical. Personal. If you've ever seen the elusive blue teddy bear amongst the streets of Austin, TX, you've seen the larger than life work...
Zuzu Perkal - Painter & Street Artist

A Creative Force with Pink Hair: Zuzu Perkal

Between teaching Yoga, completing freelance murals and design work, and rocking the city as SprATX's Marketing Director, Zuzu Perkal is everywhere at once. And...

Capturing the Soul with Robert Page

Self taught painter Robert Page loves a good challenge—depicting the soul of a human or animal. His paintings are brimming with thought-provoking surrealist details, sometimes melancholic,...
Emily Morris, Painter

The Paint-Splattered Life of Emily Morris

Emily Morris is happiest when covered in paint. Since graduating from Texas State University in 2007 she has been exploring portraiture, surrealism, and splatters, drips and smears....