“The most important theme in all my drawings, paintings and murals is emotions. Often this leads to fairly abrasive or unsettling subject matter.

I find the pieces in which my feelings are conveyed the most honestly are the ones to which viewers are most drawn.

Currently, the majority of my decision making is governed entirely by my intellect, not by my heart. My aspiration is to make fewer and fewer choices based on fear and more based on my true passions. The artistic process has provided me a springboard to actively reverse this dynamic.”

Helena Martin is a Painter, Illustrator, and Muralist. Her work appears in our double issue double issue 03 & 04. You can view more of her work on her website or Instagram.

  • Germany Road Final
    Germany Road Final
  • Germany Road WIP 3
    Germany Road WIP 3
  • Germany Road WIP 2
    Germany Road WIP 2
  • Germany Road WIP 1
    Germany Road WIP 1



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