This month, the United Kingdom has unveiled plans to increase the extensive CCTV network into the residential space.

In order to more effectively communicate with its citizens, British parliament has passed major legislature to increase the scope of the wildly successful surveillance program. Each home, beginning and stemming from downtown London, will be outfit with a state of the art entertainment and communication system.

Residents can begin registration for the new Government-Citizen Television, or GCTV, this coming March.

Laurie Dutton
GCTV Interview with Laurie Dutton

“This initiative is absolutely splendid and will save me plenty of bustling about. Quite life-changing, really” Laurie Dutton, mother of three, commented with great enthusiasm.

The device promises to make previously painstaking governmental tasks easier by providing a 24 hour connection to a full service video operator. Services such as DVLA vehicle registration, road traffic offenses, tax payment and more can be sorted in minutes instead of days.

In addition, all government communication will be publicly broadcast directly into the homes of each resident, allowing for effortless implementation of new laws and ordinances. A full list of included services is available at

Parliament has politely responded to privacy concerns by assuring all citizens that although GCTV is always on, footage recorded through its camera is never viewed unless deemed necessary by the appropriate policing entities.

It is evident that there is nothing to fear so long as citizens abide by all laws.

The new device will also perform many basic functions free of charge such as receiving all BBC channels and sponsored music programs.


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