Naming pets (and random animals) can be difficult.

They’ll live their entire lives chained to whichever string of letters you decide. And we all know you’ll be shouting their name countless times through a hundred different emotions.

Make it count. Choose something worth it. Like one of our Celebrity Animal puns.

Try getting mad at little Bill Furry or Justin Timbersnake. Just try.


Cats & Dogs

  • Kitty Purry
  • Chuck Norrhiss
  • David Hisslehoff
  • Feral (Cat) Williams
  • Meowly Cyrus
  • Perry Feral
  • Ashley Hissdale
  • Caterine Zeta-Jones
  • Cat Williams
  • Cat Bellamy (of Muse)
  • Cat Stevens
  • Woody Meowlan
  • Chairman Meow
  • Bark Ruffalo
  • Kurt Russell Terrier
  • Howly Berry
  • Bill Furry
  • Brad Pittbull
  • Pitbull
  • Woofy Allen
  • Dodie Bark
  • Madogna
  • Ellie Gouldog
  • Zach Bruff
  • Sandra Bulldog

Fluffy Furry Friends

  • Scarlett Johamster
  • John Hammster
  • Rabbit Downey Jr. (or Sr.!)
  • Bad Bunny
  • Bunny Raitt
  • Will Ferret
  • Ferret Fawcet
  • Vin Weasel
  • James Squirrel Jones
  • Calvin Hareis
  • Ellen DeCheddares
  • Daniel Ratcliffe


  • Cockatoo-pac Shakur
  • Tequila Mockingbird
  • Leonardo DiFlaprio
  • Jamie Lee Birdis
  • Woody Owlen
  • Weird Owl Yancovic
  • Owen Owlett
  • Willem Dafowl
  • Jimmy Fowlon
  • Dennis Quail
  • Charlize Heron
  • Squawkin Phoenix
  • Christopher Squawkin
  • Hillary Puffin
  • Seth Crowgan
  • Curt Crowbain
  • Gwyneth Palcrow
  • Macawley Culkin
  • Jason Seagull
  • Steven Seagull
  • Jimmy Talon
  • Jimmy Falcon
  • Mayer Hawkthorne
  • Feather Fawcet
  • Feather Locklear
  • Gooseal Ball
  • Goose Bader Ginsburg
  • Geese Witherspoon
  • Goose Springsteen
  • Ryan Gooseling
  • Robird Downey Jr.
  • Jim Canary
  • Matthew McSwanaughey
  • Tilda Swanton
  • Ron Swanson
  • Swan Bon Jovi
  • Anderson .Quaak
  • Quackie Chan
  • Quacklemore
  • Ben Affquack
  • Duckleberry Finn
  • Duck Norris
  • Michael Quackson
  • The Quackson 5
  • Brenduck Urie
  • Audrey Honkburn


  • Kobe Bryant
  • Bee Arthur
  • Beeyonce
  • Bee Thugg (of Chromeo)
  • Bee-a (Sia)
  • Kate Moth
  • David Lee Moth
  • Flyly Flyrus
  • Flysa Minneli
  • Luke Flywaker
  • Molly Ringworm
  • Spidey Klum
  • Mrs. Doubtspider
  • Joe Spiden
  • Tarantula Basset
  • Spi-Dermot Mulroney
  • Tarantulina Jolie
  • Kristin Earwig

Farm Animals

  • Goldie Fawn
  • Fawn Solo
  • Gwen Stefawni
  • Hamela Anderson
  • Gabbie Hama
  • Lindsay Loham
  • Aperaham Lincoln
  • Ozzy Oz-boar
  • Piggy Smalls
  • Piggy Azalea
  • Jennifer Lopig
  • Brad Pig
  • Bette Muddler
  • Sydney Porkier
  • Natalie Porkman
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Andy Warthog
  • Hulk Hoggin
  • Merle Hoggard
  • Edward Snorton
  • Amy Swinehouse
  • Tammy Swinette
  • The Notorious P.I.G.
  • Reba McEnshire
  • Ewe‘n McGregor
  • Meryl Peep
  • Meryl Sheep
  • Ed Sheepan
  • Lady Baa Baa
  • Moolissa McCarthy
  • Marilyn Moonroe
  • Mootilda
  • Megan Fox
  • Llama Del Rey
  • Alpaca-cino
  • Dustin Hoofman
  • Neigh Guevara
  • Neighlor Swift
  • Pony Mitchell
  • Milton Burro
  • Selena Goatmez
  • Elkon John
  • Adeer Levine
  • Eva Longhornia
  • Christopher Walkhen
  • Hennifer Lopez
  • Hennifer Lawrence
  • John Leghend
  • Cluck Norris

Into the Wild

  • Aperaham Lincoln
  • Ape Vigoda
  • Teddy Mercury
  • Beary Styles
  • Bearnie Sanders
  • Bear Grylls
  • Amy Polar Bear
  • Harry Elephante
  • Koala Deen
  • Elkton John
  • Steve Moosechemi
  • Moose Springsteen
  • Anjoeylina Joeylie
  • Nine Inch Snails
  • Lionel Richie
  • Julion Roberts
  • Lion Gosling
  • Melion Martinez
  • Tiger Woods
  • Hugh Jackalman
  • Jaguar Binks
  • Mick Jaguar
  • Michael Jackalopeson
  • Hyena Gomez
  • Hyena Bonham Carter
  • Ellaphantz-gerald
  • Gordon Ramsay
  • Neil deGrasse Bison
  • Mole Gallagher
  • Vincent van Goghpher
  • Justin Beaver
  • Bruce Quillis
  • Elon Muskrat
  • Meerkat Stevens
  • Bridgit Mendlemur
  • Lemur Gallagher
  • Jay-Zebra
  • Catherine Zebra Jones
  • Tri-Cher-atops

Sea Creatures

  • Abraham Inkin
  • George Washingfin
  • Fin Diesel
  • Mary-Kate & Ashley Olfin
  • Leonardo DiCarprio
  • Eel Patrick Harris
  • Eel Diamond
  • Elvis Presleech
  • Paul McCarpney
  • Olivia Newton John
  • Olivia Newton Prawn
  • Prawn Travolta
  • Mark Narwahlberg
  • Narwhalt Disney
  • Jelly Clarkson
  • JD Salamander
  • Seal
  • Sealena Gomez
  • Johann SeaBasstian Bach
  • Ringo Starrfish
  • Rob Blowfish
  • Pond. James Pond.
  • Guppy Hanna
  • Tuna Turner
  • Squid Vicious

Reptiles, Amphibians & Mollusks

  • Eddie Lizard
  • Lizard of Oz
  • Lizards of Waverly Place
  • Justin Timbersnake
  • William Snakespeare
  • Dwayne “The Croc” Johnson
  • Demi Lovatoad
  • Christoadpher Walken
  • Frog Ross
  • Christina Aguillator
  • Turt Reynolds
  • Voldetort
  • Snailvis Presley
  • Willie Snailson
  • Iggy Asnailea
  • Snailson Mandela
  • Miksnail Gorbechov

Join in!

Help us become the world’s foremost authority on celebrity animal puns by posting your favorites in the comments below.


  1. Geese Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon)
    Hyena Gomez (Selena Gomez)
    Dodie Bark (Dodie Clark)
    Ed Sheepan (Ed Sheeran)
    Elkon John (Elton John)
    Will Ferret (Will Ferrell)
    Jimmy Falcon (Jimmy Fallon)
    Guppy Hanna (Gabbie Hanna)
    Gabbie Hama (Gabbie Hanna)
    Jennifer Lopig (Jennifer Lopez)
    Madogna/Madoga (Madonna)
    Demi Lovatoad (Demi Lovato)
    Bridgit Mendlemur (Bridgit Mendler)
    Chuck Norrhiss (Chuck Norris)
    Brenduck Urie (Brendon Urie)
    Adeer Levine (Adam Levine)
    Beary Styles (Harry Styles)
    Ellie Gouldog (Ellie Goulding)
    Zach Bruff (Zach Braff)
    Gwyneth Palcrow (Gwyneth Paltrow)
    Julion Roberts (Julia Roberts)
    Sandra Bulldog (Sandra Bullock)
    Hyena Bonham Carter (Helena Bonham Carter)
    Robird Downey Jr. (Robert Downey Jr.)
    Melion Martinez (Melanie Martinez)

    I thought this was so fun, me and my brother just came up with these for hours while drawing what some of them would look like XD

    • These are amazing! Definitely added.

      We would love to see the drawings if you still have them! You can send them in under our Contact tab > Contribute.

  2. We’re in love with all of these suggestions! Keep them coming and check out our new print magazine issues in our shop!

  3. haha I love this list! Was feeling adventurous and wanted to see how many clever names people could think of! Unfortunately I am also disappointed… I am a HUGE fan of Jamie Lee Curtis and am quite shocked that nobody thought to suggest Jamie Lee Birdis. Given her influence on modern day media and yogurt for god sakes (can’t get enough of the stuff) she deserves some respect! LOL

  4. Tilda Swanson
    Rob Blowfish
    Ringo Starfish
    Rabbit Downey Jr.
    Steve Mooseschemi
    Giraffe Depardieu
    Macawley Culkin
    Llama Del Rey
    Koala Deen
    Meerkat Stevens
    Elephants Gerald
    Amy Polar Bear
    Brad Pittbull
    Jay Zebra
    Catherine Zebra Jones
    James Squirrel Jones
    Neil deGrasse Bison
    Squid Vicious

    These are all table markers at The Mud House in St. Louis : )

    • Wow some fantastic additions here!! Thank you so much. We’ll definitely have to visit next time we’re in St. Louis! Sounds like somewhere we’d enjoy.

    • Good one! Can’t believe we didn’t have that yet. Good ol’ Elongated Muskrat. I hope someone chooses that one to create for their ART Club commission!

  5. Sealena Gomez, Hyena Gomez, Selena Goatmez, Gooselena Gomez, and Weaselena Gomez (Selena Gomez).
    Alexpanther Noyes, Alexander Noyhens (Alexander Noyes)

  6. Sealena Gomez, Hyena Gomez, Selena Goatmez, Selhena Gomez, Gooselena Gomez, and Weaselena Gomez (Selena Gomez).
    Alexpanther Noyes, Alexander Noyhens (Alexander Noyes).

  7. We have been doing these as costumes for about 6 years now (I didn’t know this site existed, but I am OVERJOYED to find it now)- we’ve done Amy Swinehouse, Cockatoo-pac Shakur, Tuna Turner, Olivia Newton Prawn, Prawn Travolta, Tri-Cher-atops, Moose Springsteen, David Lee Moth, Ozzy Oz-boar, Elkton John, Bunny Raitt… this is our PASSION

  8. I am beyond delighted that this list exists. Now I can unload some from my brain and start thinking about other things again.
    Moo-ma Thurman
    Hissy Elliot
    Snake Gyllenhall
    Hisstopher Nolan
    Neil deHiss Python
    Jackie Onas-hiss
    Wesley Snakes
    or Weasel-y Snipes
    Eggie Van Halen (birds)
    Kenduck Lamar
    Gary Goosey
    Quentin Turtletino
    QuenFin Tarantino
    Finsay Lohan
    Oprah Finfrey

  9. Steve Rogoats (Steve Rogers)
    Goatony Stark (Tony Stark)
    Goater Parker (Peter Parker)
    Seal Rogers (Seal Rogers)
    Tony Seal (Tony Sealtark)
    Peter Sealker (Peter Parker)
    Caphyena America (Captain America)
    Irhyena Man (Iron Man)
    Spider-Hyena (Spider-Man)
    Caphen America (Captain America)
    Irhen Man (Iron Man)
    Spider-Hen (Spider-Man)
    Aerosealmith (Aerosmith)
    ASealDSeal (ACDC)
    Guns N Seals (Guns N Roses)
    Hyenarosmith (Aerosmith)
    AHyenaDHyena (ACDC)
    Hyenas N Roses (Hyenas N Roses)
    Aergoatsmith (Aerosmith)
    GoatCDC (ACDC)
    Guns N Goats (Guns N Roses)
    Henrosmith (Aerosmith)
    HenCDC (ACDC)
    Hens N Roses (Guns N Roses)

  10. Teddy Van Halen (Eddie Van Halen)
    Deervana (Nirvana)
    David Bee Roth (David Lee Roth)
    Van Whalen (Van Halen)
    Chick Jonas (Nick Jonas)
    Joey Jonas (Joe Jonas)

  11. This site is so good!! I came here looking for a possum one, but it seems so Im-possum-ble !!

    Add if it’s not already on the list:
    Justin Beaver


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