On October 28th 2016 we celebrated our most recent double issue 03 & 04 completing our first year of Almost Real Things! There were drinks, food, collaborative painting, art, music – it was definitely a party!

We could not have pulled this off without our generous sponsors: SprATX, IGAustinTX, Mighty Swell Cocktails, Pinot’s Palette and Austin East Ciders. Also the volunteers for the event including all of our artists in the Art Market made this celebration a success!

Photo cred to IGAustinTexas members Javier Gonzalez and Vickie O’Dell

1. Art Market

We featured 10+ local artists who contributed to past issues to sell their work.

2. Art Market

3. Art Market

4. Art Market

5. Collaborative Painting

Pinot’s Palette supplied paint and brushes for everyone to collaborate on a giant piece of canvas.

6. Collaborative Painting

7. Collaborative Painting

8. Collaborative Painting

9. Collaborative Painting

10. DJs and Live Performances

Music by Trupica, Apollo Raid, Riddimstix and Djhilo.

11. DJs and Live Performances

12. DJs and Live Performances

13. We All Wear Masks Exhibit

We were so glad to have Drawing A Blank РThe Art of Cody Schibi WE ALL WEAR MASKS show up in the SprATX gallery during our party!

14. We All Wear Masks Exhibit

15. Party People and Dranks

16. Party People and Dranks

17. Party People and Dranks

18. Party People and Dranks

19. Party People and Dranks

20. Party People and Dranks

21. Party People and Dranks

22. Party People and Dranks

23. Party People and Dranks

24. Party People and Dranks


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