Patrick Hobbie - Owl

For local artist Patrick Hobbie, art is meant to evoke emotions, no matter what they may be.

I first came across the artwork of Patrick Hobbie on a visit to Austin Art Garage. I have always been a big fan of watercolor, which I like to think of as quiet explosions. In Patrick’s work I could see the delicacy but also feel the power behind each piece.

Patrick uses ink and watercolor to capture the spirit of animals and their surroundings. He wants his art to emit energy. In that way, the ink becomes alive on the page. Patrick draws influence from parallel themes including light and dark, form in chaos, and strength in vulnerability.

Patrick Hobbie Master Hunted
Master Hunted

Patrick Hobbie Never Cry
Never Cry
Patrick Hobbie - Burden of Wounded Knee
Burden of Wounded Knee

We featured some of Patrick’s art in our second issue. However, to fully experience his work, visit Austin Art Garage.


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