Ecophoria is Euphoria’s sustainability initiative, including a partnership with Keep Austin Beautiful and the Austin Permaculture Guild. We love music festivals so we were interested in their goals, partnerships and Art Grant program. We reached out to Euphoria founder, Mitch Morales to learn more.

What was the impetus to begin?

Music festivals often get a bad rap for their impact on the environment. However, as festival organizers, we have the unique opportunity to change the status quo and set a new standard of what an event should be. We are committed to building a more sustainable experience for our entire community.

Is the initiative a year round effort?

Through our alliance with Keep Austin Beautiful, we’ve adopted Carson Creek, which runs along the Euphoria Music Festival site. We hold five river cleanups throughout the year and provide additional support for Keep Austin Beautiful events. Ecophoria isn’t simply an on-site initiative, it is a movement to take with you outside of the festival.

Euphoria Festival 2017 - Carson Creek Cleanup
How can fans volunteer to help?

Check out the Ecophoria site and our social pages to sign up when cleanups are announced. Each one serves as a chance for us to get closer to our fans and the community.

What can we expect from Dragonfly?

The Dragonfly Initiative is a community-based movement. Fans can apply to receive a grant for their eco-conscious art project and display it at the festival, or sign up to teach a yoga class, just to name a few of the opportunities available. We’ve always thought of Euphoria as one big family, so this is an extension of our outreach.

Euphoria Festival 2017 - The Dragonfly Initiative
What will a Permaculture workshop look like?

We are proud to have partnered with the Austin Permaculture Guild, a local organization that educates, connects, and inspires people to live more sustainably. The permaculture workshop will teach the importance of environmental consciousness, why it is important to practice sustainability measures at a festival, and how to carry good eco-habits off site, in a fun and interactive setting.

Euphoria Festival 2017 - Workshops
How does music relate to an eco-conscious lifestyle?

Sustainability is relevant to all lifestyles, but music is an exceptional way for people to connect, inspire and think critically about the world around them. Frankly, music has the ability to bring all walks of life together, and when we come together, we can change the world for the better—one cause at a time.


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