After spending years working in other industries, Ivan Beecroft turned to music to both cope with and escape reality.

Ivan’s new album, Dirty Lie, is influenced by both retro and modern rock. The songs range from power rock anthems to softer ballads. No matter what type of song that’s playing, listeners can feel the range of themes Ivan has incorporated into the record. Songs like “Insane” sound like a classic rock song. The melody is easy to sing a long to, much similar to a Foo Fighters track. “Summer Serenade” is quite slower, and has Ivan reminiscing over memories with a loved one.

Ivan-BeecroftThough Ivan produces all of his own music now, he did not start off in this industry. He actually worked as a steel worker and felt burdened by the unsafe conditions. He faced challenges head on that left him with empathy which he has been able to convey through his music. This can be heard throughout Dirty Lie, in songs where the lyrics seem more dark and cynical. However, Ivan also reflects on the happier aspects in his life, such as his relationship with his wife, as portrayed in the previously mentioned “Summer Serenade.”

Like many of his rock idols, Ivan took the DIY approach to making music. After mastering various instruments he moved on to singing, songwriting and eventually mixing, mastering and producing all of his own tracks. With complete creative control over his music endeavors, Ivan can release more albums like Dirty Lie, and make the songs he wants to make.

You can listen to the full Dirty Lie album below. Ivan plays every instrument you hear recorded in addition to singing, mixing and mastering the music. To keep up with new and updates about Ivan Beecroft, visit his website.


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