When you eat healthy and feel amazing you have the energy to take on the world and make it a better place. Follow our path to 10 of the most delicious and nutritious Austin Eateries.

Jessica Pearson
Path Nutriton
Medicine Dietitian and Food Coach team offering nutrition counseling!

1Josephine House

Josephine House
Try: Green juice + rice bowl.

Enjoy a brunch that loves you back. We love the heirloom rice bowl with local, seasonal veggies and farm fresh eggs. josephineofaustin.com


Try: The beet goes on, hibiscus-cured duck confit.

Beets are an excellent source of folate, manganese, potassium, and copper. Vinaigrette has a little something for everyone. vinaigretteonline.com/austin

3Thai Fresh

Thai Fresh
Try: Slow cooked pork roast in five spices, Chinese broccoli.

They are committed to serving only the highest quality and local ingredients. Thai Fresh was featured in issue 05 in The Stress Free Alternative to Tippingthai-fresh.com


Try: Kale Caesar salad with chicken + guacamole.

Kale from the drive-through? Yes Please! They also make their breakfast tacos with pasture raised eggs and homemade tortillas. fresaschicken.com

5Cafe No Se

Cafe No Se
Try: Romanesco, cauliflower, lentils, broccoli, raisins, chili oil.

A good cruciferous dish with plant protein offers fiber, vitamins A,C and K. cafenoseaustin.com

6Casa De Luz

Casa De Luz
Try: Kale breakfast tacos.

It doesn’t get more Austin than getting your breakfast taco fix. Tortillas are handmade with love and you choose from a selection of plant based fillings. The breakfast buffet comes with soup and oatmeal—perfect after a morning run. casadeluz.org


Try: Garden hand roll with salmon + avocado.

An amazing way to get nearly a full day’s worth of veggies. Enjoy with spicy gochujang, miso soup and house made pickles. koriente.com

8True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen
Try: Spicy Thai Curry.

We don’t usually get excited about chains but when it comes to bringing more nourishing options to Austin we have open minds and open mouths. The menu was conceptualized with the help of Dr. Weil, an integrative medicine physician. truefoodkitchen.com/austin

9The Steeping Room

The Steeping Room
Try: Zen tea service.

Tea Time feels special and part of nourishment comes from enjoying and sharing food with others. Share some napa rolls and chai tea with someone. thesteepingroom.com

10Bento + Picnic

Bento + Picnic
Try: Egg Bento

More locally sourced ingredients, prepared from scratch following traditional Japanese culinary philosophy. Their seemingly simple bento box combinations pack a lot of flavor with lovingly crafted sauces and condiments. bentopicnic.com


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