Julie Pelaez was exposed to art at a young age. She was born into an artistic family, which immersed her in creative thinking from the start.

Though she spent many years of her career as an Art Director, it was not until she moved to Austin that she discovered the beauty in alcoholic inks. She became inspired by the unique medium, which allows her to continually experiment.

Julie’s art is borne out of the process of heating, diluting and guiding the ink without ever touching it. The inks interact with each other in such a way that they feel alive themselves, allowing Julie to be completely present in the creation of her art. The results are beautiful and filled with emotion. They are simple and yet fantastical in their simplicity.

Julie appeared in our double issue 03 & 04. Discover more of her ink creations on her website and Instagram.

Pathways by Julie Peleaz, Fine Artist
Kaleidoscope 5 by Julie Peleaz, Fine Artist
Light The Way Home by Julie Peleaz, Fine Artist
Light The Way Home
Dotscape Tan by Julie Peleaz, Fine Artist
Dotscape Tan
Apart Together by Julie Peleaz, Fine Artist
Apart Together


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