Hidden Gems from Eclectic Quartet Junkyard Fieldtrip

Junkyard Fieldtrip

Junkyard Fieldtrip’s latest 2 singles surely will not be found in any junkyard.

In fact, “Collide” and “We’re All Here” are a couple of gems that have willingly stumbled upon elements of different musical treasures. These two tracks might fall under different genres from each other, but both still uniquely have their way of highlighting the band’s personal style and techniques. They both debut on the band’s new self-titled LP.
“Collide” enters with a subtle indie folk intro, followed by a smooth transition to upbeat instrumentals and story-telling lyrics. Using the acoustic guitar to pave the way, the song tells a tale about an encounter with a woman and the adventures they take on. Junkyard Fieldtrip embodies a strong use of imagery into this track with lyrics such as “When I met her in the airport in a Middle Eastern land I can’t recall, she wore a leather jacket with a button that said she’d scale the wall.”

“Collide” may have a sense of irony to it. The cheerful sounding instrumentals may derive from the fortunate memories he once spent with this woman, but the chorus sings “Lay me down, lay me down, won’t you please give me back my dream?”, and “We collide, but I find myself always on the other side. Though I’ve tried, I can’t get back to the place I’ve left behind.” Junkyard Fieldtrip did a fine job at capturing the emotions of nostalgia and regret and engraving it into their track, “Collide,” but somehow feels a bit light-hearted.

“We’re All Here” goes down a different, darker route. Leading in with a xylophonic background, the vocals come through with a fuzzy, dream-like feel. In this nearly 6 minute song, the lyrics are only present for the first two minutes. “We’re All Here” is composed of words such as “I believe that we are different, pixels in a picture frame, stand back can you see me as we are, we are all the same.” It seems  as though this time around, Junkyard Fieldtrip chooses to use short, yet compelling lyrics to grasp the essence of the song’s message. The rest of the song takes on a Pink Floyd-esque turn by having long instrumentals, especially electric guitar, to fade out the rest of the song. Perhaps to soak in the true and concise substance of what “We’re All Here” is really all about.

Written by: Carrigan Drallos



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