Music Festival Bingo

Music Festival Bingo Squares

Hand-made clothing
A national flag blocks your view
Gold leaf temporary tattoos
Crass Native American headdress
Drunk person can’t put on their shoe
Baby with ear muffs
Security guard steals your granola bar
Someone says PLUR
You get glitter bombed
Celebrity head totem
Buy a beer that costs over $8
Unnecessary nostalgic act
Hand-made flower crown
Performer brings out irrelevant guest cameo
Creepy animal mask
Diva act goes on late
You get lost and find a new friend who is also lost
Person with camping backpack in the crowd
Someone tries to crowd surf without enough crowd
Hipster hippies
Toilet paper runs out in the port-a-pottie
You’re sprayed with an unknown liquid
Person hula-hooping for hours
Kandi kids


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