Who is Ryan Human?

It’s a question you’ll be asking yourself very soon. Human’s newest single, “Be Awesome” was released today via Impose.

Ryan Human is an underground singer-songwriter whose upbeat melodies beat at the same tempo as you heart. But, soon, Ryan Human no doubt be a name pasted at the top of a musical festival line-up. Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, Human creates radio-friendly pop sounds with an aftertaste of humanity. It’s a bold message of self-empowerment. His music is more than a song, it is a universal hum. An absolute message.

You definitely get a taste of Human’s charming alt-pop sound by streaming his single “Be Awesome” on Soundcloud. The single features pulsating keys, riffs which tumble and flow into each other. Like a musical pick-me-up, lifting any listener, with the grand and open chords. The melody in “Be Awesome” fills one with a joy which spills straight out of the heart.

With titles like “Gonna Be Ok” and “You Are So Strong,” Ryan Human’s album is one you’ll need the next time you’re going through or break up or just having a lousy day. Human’s tunes could be setting the scene for that inspirational moment in a film when the main character regains their confidence or overcomes an obstacle; its that energy which emanates through his music.

Next time you’re asking yourself what to play, have a taste of Ryan Human’s sonic snacks.

Written by: Alexis Sleeper


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