Jaicee Rentz must be wise beyond her years. At only 16 years of age, the San Clemente, California native has found her voice and knows just how to use it.

At such an influential time in her life, Jaicee Rentz see’s the unforgettable moments of growing in adolescence as they’re happening. Instead of letting them pass her by, she chooses to create delicate dream pop tunes with a feel for summer nights and sweet memories. Her little wisdoms are best heard in the title-track of her debut EP, Colors.

A Curious Adolescence

On it’s own, Rentz’s voice is delicate and light, but when paired with her intricate lyrics, it is as if one can feel breeze of the ocean and the salt in the air from where she is standing. It’s enough to trigger an old feeling of nostalgia. “If I could go back and change the colors with the wind, maybe you’d be here standing by my side.” Rentz asks the questions nearly everyone has faced as a young person in love with life and it’s offerings, and when she sings it her listeners just might feel one step closer to an answer. Let’s not forget the features of Tyke James in this melodic number. The way their two voices harmonize with one another is an absolute cherry on top.

Reminisce with Colors

Colors makes you think of that someone you miss, someone you long for, that someone you admire —whether it’s for love or for friendship. Jaicee Rentz is a voice for other young girls her age, and a feeling of nostalgia for those looking back at that special time in their life. Colors is a poetic melody that leaves it’s listeners feeling at peace and inspired.

Listen to the debut EP Colors on Soundcloud!

Written by: Carrigan Drallos


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