Lucky for the world, there is no lack of creativity around us.

We receive tons of submissions every month, and instead of hoarding all of the beautiful work to ourselves, we’re deciding to share it with you. Here’s our list of the top 10 artists to watch this month.

1Kool Me

Kool Me is a local photographer that finds fulfillment in the process of simply creating art.

In their own words, “I am an adventurous artist who loves to travel the world and immerse in different cultures. I am passionate about capturing a feeling with my art and constantly inspired by the use of color and different music. I see art and music like the brain and the eye both working together to create a masterpiece.”

@koolme_artist | 

2Robert Calloway

Robert Calloway focuses on making work that is tactile, reminiscent of ethereal landscapes.

“I use ArtResin, a non-toxic epoxy resin in which I tint with various acrylic paints to create one of a kind multi-layered tactile pieces. Most of my work is on canvas, but I also paint within large home decor trays and seal them with the same epoxy resin.”

@callowaystudios |

3Alicia Wells

Alicia Wells has a few different projects underway. She has recently been focusing on photography of both real subjects and miniature models.

“In the past few months I have been experimenting and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. I used to think I was looking for my style, since it was so fluid. But, I have come to realize that it is my style to be constantly experimenting.”

@alitexas | @alitexas_

4Alexis Swift

Alexis Swift has been crafting poems since childhood. Though her poems are typically only a few lines, they still have enormous impact.

Most of Alexis’s poems focus on mental health awareness, a passion of of hers that she is deeply interested in. Alexis currently works with special needs children, an experience that she claims “has given her an even greater appreciation for the power of language and the innumerable ways human beings communicate.”


5Samara Barks

We were immediately drawn to the dark almost comic like illustrations we received from Samara Barks.

As an accomplished 3D artist and illustrator, Samara (Sam) continually hones her craft with an eye for design. She claims that, “nowadays you’ll find (her) constantly sketching, painting, designing or cultivating new techniques. I thrive on making art that adds a smile, a hint of beauty or a warm feeling. The simple and freeing act of creating art is at my core.”


6Kelly Schafer

Kelly Schafer is an Austin artist that has recently taken a break from her career in art education to pursue a passion for painting.

“I am branding myself as “Amped Art Studio” to reflect my enthusiasm and connection to music as inspiration.”

@ampedartstudio |

7Ransom Ashley

Ransom Ashley has delved into the fields of photography, acting and cinematography. He has already shown work internationally and currently attends Parsons School of Design in New York.

In his recent body of work, Ransom explores Louisiana subcultures. He is also set to appear alongside Oscar Winning Actress Holly Hunter in the upcoming southern drama Strange Weather.

@ransomashley |

8Lizzie Di Silvestro

Lizzie Di Silvestro has been creating for as long as she can remember. Her current work reflects a move to a minimal abstract style that is set to become her signature.

“These pieces are conversations, passing glances, lifetimes, and love affairs. Color choices manifested from the ecstasy, rage, shame, and desire that span the human condition.

Obscured by haze of intense emotions, we allow ourselves to be changed by the relationships we inhabit, for better and worse, as our actions ripple out to effect those beyond our locus of control. This collection is a cumulative assemblage of a year’s work in hospice and my study of grief, loss, romance, reminiscence, and the unending ways they move us. Without drawing close attention to this shift, we stifle the opportunity to expand our collective consciousness as ever-evolving emotional beings. To cease growth is to begin to perish.”

@ldisilvestro |


Local photographer LEFT&14th has recently started a new series, bringing a poster-like quality to their photographs of Austin. In the two examples, colors are assigned to specific scenes to add a slightly fantastical element to places you might recognize.

“I don’t use my real name because I want the focus on what I create, not who is creating it.”


10Casie Warnke

Casie has been perfecting the craft of portraiture, developing unique skills to bring familiar faces to life through painting.

“When someone tells me that I “nailed it” when talking about one of my pieces, it makes my soul glow. If you mess up even a fourth of an inch on someone’s portrait, it’s no longer that person. I enjoy the precision of it all. My portraits are half perfection (me trying to get it just right) and half off the wall (with the color)—mostly right brain, but there’s also a little left.”

@artbycasie |

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