New York City’s The Soft Underground released their 90’s tinged single “Rachel” in anticipation for their forthcoming LP, Morning World, dropping July 27th.

The song is an epic jam that feels less like modern NYC, but more as though it would fit right at home in Seattle’s heyday. Fuzzy bass lines, spaced out vocals, soaring guitar and impatient lyrics make this an instant classic.

Grunge is alive and well on this 4 minute adventure, pulling subtle influences and inspirations from a hard psych mindset. The duo works its way through haunting melodies and a midpoint guitar solo that pulls you attentively through to the end. But what sticks out the most is that fuzzed out bass line. It is the only constant through an unfolding song. It makes sure you never lose focus on where the song is headed.

“Fuzzy bass lines, spaced out vocals, soaring guitar and impatient lyrics make this an instant classic.”

It’s no surprise to hear that the duo, Andrew McCarthy and Charlie Hickey, met at music school. They initially bonded over mutual obsessions with bands like My Bloody Valentine and The Smashing Pumpkins. The two make a dynamic duo for sure. After their debut in 2014, Alt Nation left a shining nod, “(that) the band definitely has a knack for writing rock songs with hooks, as evident in their track “Limousine”, which I could see as a potential radio single.” And we, here, can confidently say the same about “Rachel”.

After listening, one can only be more curious as to what the full LP holds. More nods to bands like Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog? Or will the band learn more towards the psychedelics that rest within the riffs? Any way they go, visualizations of Dr. Martins and greasy hair banging through the crowd, appear at the thought of seeing them live. Tapping into an alt depth that’s been long ignored. We can’t wait to hear more.

Listen to “Ghosts” before the full LP drops.

Written by: Carrigan Drallos


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