Swinging in from Portsmouth, VA is Lucky 757. What had originally started as a father/son duo, has now transformed into a modern surf quartet with an Americana twist on rockabilly and blues.

Lonesome Lagoon LP

This past July, Lucky 757 released their new LP, Lonesome Lagoon.

Lonesome Lagoon is a story without words, an honest melodic tale. Collectively, Lonesome Lagoon carries an intriguing tempo of classic fun and mystery. This LP’s latter-day grasp on some 1950’s vintage vibes make for an all-around wild ride with some riddled pit stops on the way.

Car chases, ocean beaches, roses, and men with slicked back hair have hopped in for the journey. Perhaps there might even be a little game of cat and mouse here, because somehow love always seems to find a way to sneak in.

Weighing in first, we have a track that is titled, “Spanish Shore.” It kicks off the LP with just the right amount of energy to send movement through your hips, and bring out the inner dancer in your shoes. Lucky 757 carries a beat in this song that makes their listeners feel like they are headed towards a mission. The calm, yet upbeat tempo keeps us wanting more, but what is it that we want? It glides ever so smoothly into the next track so we, as listeners, can find out.

Something mysterious and wondrous just began as this track plays, and the only way to finish the puzzle is to keep on listening. Just a tad farther down the list, is the track “Reflecting.” “Reflecting” takes listeners to a bit of a pause. It takes a step back and, as the title says, reflects. The smooth, delicate strum of the guitar speaks for itself in melodies of acceptance and moving forward. It’s a romantic and graceful track on it’s own.

Come Along for the Ride

Lucky 757 deserves an applause for their storytelling abilities. Their LP, Lonesome Lagoon, takes listeners on a colorful and fast adventure. It is both alluring and engaging. Not only can we feel the presence of the ocean and the highway along side it, but also the thrill and excitement of the characters we imagine in the story. Track by track, Lonesome Lagoon is the ideal collection to play as you hop into your car and get ready for that long drive ahead of you.

Clear your head and let your imagination take you away as you roll the windows down pretend you are a character in Lucky 757’s story.

Written by: Carrigan Drallos


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