Issue 17 contributor Samantha Jacobson, aka Sapira Design, had fun making her mixed media portraits of women.

What is your artistic process like?

With all of my pieces I start out doing image research of the subject that I’m focusing on using books, magazines, Pinterest, photo archives, and films to make sure the content has depth.

“This process was so fun because I was playing the whole time.”

Sapira Design Artwork Process
Sapira Design Artwork Process

To build on this notion of depth, I used mixed media with real intention as it’s about breaking down the expectation of women being pretty flies on the wall. Cutting up the glossy magazine pages was very cathartic, as was using sewing tools in an unconventional way to make the image pop out of a 2D surface. This process was so fun because I was playing the whole time, jumping from medium to medium to mirror women as we are in real life – layered, complex, and shining.

Sapira Design Artwork
Sapira Design Artwork
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