Jonah Dillon has found a way to make art with an unexpected material.

After losing the ability to use his hands, his wheelchair took the place of a paintbrush. What has resulted is colorful, powerful work both in appearance and message.

Rainbow Range

Read more about Jonah below and view their work in print in Issue 22 “Something New.”

Despite being born with muscular dystrophy, I have always found ways to express myself through art.

Most of my life I enjoyed drawing, but after high school, due to the progression of my condition, I lost the ability to draw or paint with my hands. Now years later, I discovered a new way to create art by applying paint to the wheels of my wheelchair.


I think my paintings could be considered something new because I have not seen very many people paint the way I do, which is by using the wheels on my wheelchair. I recently did a whole bunch of new paintings where I incorporated acrylic pouring, which I think made my art even more unique.

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