Iain Neberman’s intensely detailed paintings are surreal fantasies.

Iain’s paintings have a futuristic look to them like nothing we’ve seen before. We actually thought they were digital drawings when first reading the submission.


Read more about Iain below and view his work in print in Issue 22 “Something New.”

I am a full-time visual artist working at a co-working office in Austin, Texas and my primary mediums are oil and gouache. Art was my final career choice after being a DJ, filmmaker, graphic designer and teacher. I am self-taught and have relinquished a formal art education.


The blending of extra-dimensional realms with a vaporwave style is a core attribute to my focus. It is the inundation of high-energy information concordant with visual harmony, or truthfulness, that are key components in balancing the subject matter with the environment that makes this work unique.

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