Issue 10 contributor Brianna Vance experiments with new materials to keep her art process fresh.

The theme for Issue 10 is Material. Can you share more about the materials you use to create your art?

My materials vary. Lately I mainly use resin, acrylics, inks, pigments, blow dryer and a torch, on wood panels, wood canvas boards, or canvas.

Brianna Vance Artwork
Brianna Vance Artwork

I chose my materials because I really liked the abstract flow of them. I liked the way the finish product looks because the resin. You’re never able to get the same thing and it’s a constant learning process. There are so many chemicals and mixtures to get different effects.

When painting with resin I mix inks, acrylics and pigments into separate cups with resin. A little goes a long way. That’s another part of using resin I like. I mainly pour each cup onto the canvas separately. I tilt the board, torch the resin to help it flow or create some effects. Blowing the resin, swiping with a popsicle stick also helps create effects as well. These are all things I do to create a unique look.

Brianna Vance Artwork
Brianna Vance Artwork
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