It has been about 200 years since we developed mass manufacturing, 80 years since we started to kill it at science, and 45 years since we began globalizing information during the digital revolution.

To keep the progress going, we thought we’d help everyone out by putting together a short little checklist of things we have left to do. Shouldn’t be too hard.

▢  Dispose of waste in an environmentally sustainable manner (if it can’t be recycled)
▢  Make humanity’s relentless desire to get high safe, legal and regulated
▢  Create and mandate affordable sustainable packaging
▢  Reconcile world hunger with the food waste epidemic
▢  Stop bending ethics to empower corporate greed
▢  Convince people that science is real
▢  Design an intelligible tax code
▢  Don’t be a dick
▢  End racism
▢  Listen

Add more goals in the comments and let us know if you figure any of these out so we can check them off.


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