In 2019, five musicians came together to form a band with a name that couldn’t be a better fit: Uncommon People.

Hailing from two states and five different ethnic backgrounds, together they produce a sound that pays homage with bluesy tracks like “On the Fly” and also embodies the new age sounds with songs like “Pursuit” & “Waste No Time.” After only 5 months of making music together, they have managed to record demos, book showcases and release live sessions on YouTube.

With a new year here, the band is gearing up to play out more and record their debut EP. Meet the band below and be sure to collect them all! They’ll be valuable soon.

1Ezekiel Domonter

Vocalist // “The Intuitive One”

History: Performed his first solo at age 10
History: Marvel! Marvel! Marvel!
Skill: Energy-driven
Skill: Writes songs after midnight
Desire: Aims to inspire the young and encourage the old

2Devin Tovar

Guitarist // “The Youthful One”

Weakness: Finds it difficult to describe himself
History: Almost always the contrarian
Skill: Not afraid to fight for what he believes in
Skill: Wanders but doesn’t get lost
Belief: Music is the universal language

3Alex “gilbii” Gilbert

Bassist // “The Groovy One”

Skill: Played trumpet and tuba in high school
History: Was tricked into playing bass under the pretense of playing Super Smash Bros
Skill: Left handed but plays right handed
Weakness: Forbidden from using a pick
Weakness: Cries watching The Iron Giant

4Tony Aguilera

Keyboardist // “The Keytastic One”

Mantra: “Find comfort in discomfort”
History: Father was in a Cumbia band when he was in his 20s
Skill: Aspiring music producer
Temperament: Like lofi hip-hop, his personality is calm and chill
Desire: Hopes to own a keytar one day

5Daniel Ayala

Drummer // “The Green One”

History: Lost the drumsticks to his first kit at age 6 and substituted them with kitchen knives
History: Air drummed  through high school (2008 Air Drum Championship)
Skill: Recycles for the band. When will they learn?!
Skill: Tabasco sauce provider
Truth: All drummer memes are true

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