Marcella Colavecchio paints figures filled with so much emotion you would swear that they are there breathing right in front of you.

Marcella Colavecchio was born in Stamford, Connecticut to Italian immigrant parents. She began her formal education in 2003 at Lyme Academy of Fine Art in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

Visceral – 6′ x 8′ Acrylic on Canvas

While attending Lyme Academy, she studied Human Anatomy and Figure Drawing. That’s where she first discovered her love for psychology and the human condition.

“I believe art can create real progress in challenging societal stigma and discrimination.”

We featured Marcella’s paintings in Issue 18 Surreal // So Real to show her unique perspective of the human condition. She combines elements of nature both figuratively and physically in her work. In her pieces Drowning and Insecurity, she includes moss as an added element to add depth and texture.

Insecurity – 4′ x 4′ Acrylic an Preserved Moss on Canvas
Can you share more about your work & process?

I’m fascinated by psychology, perception, how we track the nature of reality, and how we each privately create the worlds we inhabit.

“All of my work can be seen as a journal entry, where I ponder my own place and purpose in this world.”

My paintings are comprised of figures that are multifaceted and abstracted. They are meant to evoke the idea that we’re fragile beings both physically and mentally. I believe that we’re all molded in part by time and our life experiences.

Drowning – 11′ x 5′ Acrylic and Preserved Moss on Canvas

All of my work can be seen as a journal entry, where I ponder my own place and purpose in this world. My goal is to capture the power and beauty of sexuality, censorship, and the stigma of societal expectations of the female form. I do this by using figures are often deformed and displaced, with layered lines that are both strong and self-aware.

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