Veronica Ceci’s rural upbringing could not contain her artistic ambition.

Luckily she landed in Austin 20 years ago and has been making original and introspective art ever since.

Read more about Veronica below and view their work in print in Issue 22 “Something New.”

The pieces in my current body of work, Keeping House, are an exploration of the value of cleaning, an act which renews whatever it is applied to. This is exemplified in the sculpture series Upsweep.


Hunter LV Elliott and I collaborated to bring new life to driftwood gathered from the beaches of Galveston under the light of the full moon.

A broom, in order to function, must be tight and stable. Raw driftwood, though visually appealing, fails miserably when treated as is necessary to build from it. It is fragile, weathered and affected by time and nature itself. The substrate crimps and snaps at the mere suggestion of adversity. The bones of the rotten wood were hollowed and filled with healthy wood, allowing for tension to be applied.

From dust, Elliott reconstituted the once-robust limbs into tools, to then be used to dust once more. The material aches to rest but is once again called to action regardless, a laborer waking to the morning alarm.

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