Natalie Allyger combines nature, technology and over 20 images to create her surreal photography.

Natalie Allyger was previously featured in our Artists to Watch but she’s back with a new series for our Artist Spotlight in Issue 18.

Liberation Fee
Can you tell us more about yourself?

I’m a self taught photographic collage artist. If Tim Burton and Thomas Kinkade had a baby you would basically have me. That is the general vibe of my work.

“The balance of nature to tech is where most of my creativity lives.”

What about your art?

My whimsical yet occasionally dark style incorporates pieces of my own images that I make with my mirrorless camera. I enjoy using elements of nature in my art, then combine them using the technology of photoshop. The balance of nature to tech is where most of my creativity lives.

My Heart Vacant Meadow
What is your process like?

As for my process, it can take an upward of 20 images to create one of my pieces. I start by getting an idea, sketching it out, scouting out props and locations, then shooting each at the proper time of day.

Advancing Clarity

Then, I collage those images together in Photoshop to create a final piece. This process can take weeks to complete. All of the photos used in the process are my own.

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