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We always are. Whether it’s discovering local artists to showcase in our upcoming events, browsing through Spotify to add to our on-going playlists, or just wanting to pump up the energy of our work sessions, we’re always on the hunt for emerging Texas musicians.

Now we want to share some of our favorites with you. In this month’s edition of Artists to Hear, we’re highlighting five Texas musicians we can’t stop listening to.

This is your chance to discover them as well, and add some new music to your repertoire.

We were lucky enough to preview the newest EP from Austin-based hip-hop/R&B artist Mista Mozes, and I can’t get the songs out of my head. 

Garrison Moore aka Mista Mozes takes pride in being a “jack of all trades & a master of none.” His love of music spans over 27 years, and in that time he has studied the art of production, church & choral singing, rapping, dancing, poetry, recording, DJ-ing and even opera to achieve his unique sound.

In his latest project RINGZ EP, Mista Mozes tells the story of relationship dynamics that can be played both forward and backward in song order.

“I wanted to create something as universal as music. Love has happened to me and it’s happened to us all. The feelings we carry keep us in constant motion–the direction is up to us.”

RINGZ just debuted on streaming platforms February 14th–just in time for Valentine’s Day.

@mistamozes | Soundcloud

If you haven’t listened to the experimental sounds of the multi-talented Tron Weasley, now is the time.

Austin based Tron Weasley curates collections of auras and scenes from a sprawling forest of ideas. Their first release, Magnetic Router Sounds, Vol. 1, is an ongoing collection of moods colored within and around an effervescent electronic backdrop.

The first single, “Don’t You Remember Walter?“, is inspired by Brazilian organist Walter Wanderley. The song is a succinct and zesty ode to Lounge and Bossa Nova music of the 1960’s, produced with old Hammond Drum Machines and FM Synthesizers from the 1980’s.

@tron.weasley | Website

Deezie Brown’s unique take on hip-hop was shaped from his experience growing up in a small town.

Born and raised in Bastrop, TX, a town of less than 10,000, Deezie Brown delivers an alternative style of southern Hip-Hop and Funk from his perspective and surroundings. He was exposed to hip-hop at an early age while he rode around in a Chevy truck with his dad listening to some of the great artists of the South such as DJ Screw, OutKast and UGK. At the age of 10, Deezie Brown gathered blank tapes and used his boombox to record his own mixtapes utilizing beats from his family’s cassettes.

Coming from the country towns that birthed what is known as Texas hip-hop and a driver of southern culture, he takes this energy into producing and writing for his upcoming projects; paying homage to the nostalgia and history of country hip-hop and blending it with the modernism of today’s cinematic soundscapes.

@deeziebrown | Website

Sarah Hall’s music shows how the harp spans genres, and time.

Classically trained since the age of six, Sarah believes the harp has a place outside concert halls and should be accessible to everyone. She enjoys playing in more intimate settings, covering everything from Billboard 100, Broadway, Pop, Classical, Celtic, and Jazz.

While harps are generally thought of as classical, orchestral or celtic instruments, they are actually extremely versatile. Harpists are in a unique position. They are able to cover most of the elements of a piece of music at once, similar to piano, but can also retain the traditional elements of a string instrument.

From Bach to Billie Eilish, Debussy to Drake, Sarah seamlessly combines live sets that bring to life music written by long dead composers, music composed throughout the 20th Century, to current Billboard Hits.

@harpistrytx | Website

Austin based electronic artist and DJ, Zkosta, has been playing music to the masses for over a decade in and around Texas.

When making music, Zkosta focuses on tech house and bass house. He also embraces the collaborative mentality of Austin, by working with artists in other genres. In January of this year, he released the single “Just Be 2021,” featuring local hip-hop artist Mike Melinoe (who is also a featured performer in our third Virtual Vacation!)

“I make music to bring people together. I love to meet, teach and work with aspiring artists.”

@itszkosta | Soundcloud

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