We’re back with a special edition Artists to Hear where we’ll discover new music featured in the upcoming short film A LONE STAR LOVE.

Almost Real Things has featured and booked over 100 musicians, bands, and producers. So when someone asks for suggestions, we’re always ready to help find the perfect match. In this case we were approached by friend, actor, and producer, Deedee Woche, for good bands that would fit a short film she had in production.

We have a soft spot for film, especially when it gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the process. Our long list of suggestions turned into a couple placements by some amazing groups we’ve worked with before—but we also want to feature a few other great bands that made the cut and turned the film into a beautiful sonic ride through Austin.

A LONE STAR LOVE is a ‘Black Mirror-esque’ short film with a vibrant soundtrack set in Austin, Texas. David, an Irish National, makes his new home in Austin with the help of a social media android named Viva. When he meets Texas native, Layla, he must choose between his synthetic companion and a lone star love.

We chatted with director Ben Myers for context on how each band and song benefitted the film (find his quotes in red). A LONE STAR LOVE is making its way into the festival circuit so, in the meantime, take a listen and follow these artists to hear.

1Geranium Drive

Layla and David Dancing, A LONE STAR LOVE

Geranium Drive’s sound collects the hypnotism of modern psychedelia, the magic of rhythm and blues and some good old fashion punk rock shit.

“The film opens at a very cool and down to earth live music bar in Austin, so we wanted to start off with some fun, uplifting energy to match. Geranium Drive had this great guitar driven track that was the perfect curtain-opener to a soundtrack forward film. It also helped establish our Diegetic/non-diegetic transitions perfectly.”

Geranium Drive’s group of mystical and melodic songs has well established their place in the Texas rock n’ roll scene, yet their sound also has a unique way of connecting the dots between many different genres of music.

The band takes its listeners down a rabbit hole of psych-punk curiosities, and lands them in the sunshine of a 1960s Laurel Canyon jam session. What you find – what you feel, you will know to be real.

Instagram | Website | Youtube



Lvl3rd is a pop duo out of Boston, Massachusetts with their own unique and versatile sound.

“Jermaine and the crew at Levl3rd are an unstoppable force of creativity. Jermaine and I worked together to create three new tracks for the film. He was able to find ways to sonically connect them to create themes and an evolution as the story progresses. ‘Grab a Drink’ is a banger and it honestly makes me want to dance along with the characters every time.”

They are two childhood friends who blend their musical tastes and backgrounds to create a tasteful mixture of pop, hip hop, r&b, rock, and a touch of indie. This is a group who prides themselves on the ability to truly touch many types of listeners.

“When creating our music, the blending of genres comes very naturally to us and is very evident when our music is played. We come from various musical backgrounds and feel so many types of music that it’s difficult for us to stay in one lane, in the same way that everybody on earth feels when listening to music. We do this so that we can truly express ourselves artistically by scratching every musical itch we might have and in hopes to do the same for our audience.”

Instagram | Website | Youtube

3Moon kissed

Michelle meets David, A LONE STAR LOVE

Moon Kissed is sheer, unadulterated energy. The connection between them is undeniable and palpable in the air when they perform.

“Emily has an amazing vibe and sensibility to the production of Moon Kissed tracks, so it was great to have her work featured to fill out the tone of this world. We wanted music to be everywhere so even songs characters play in the background needed to bring something specific.”

Emily, Khaya, and Leah met at a new year’s party on the lower east side in New York city.

Their debut album, aptly named I Met My Band at a New Year’s Party, draws upon themes of youth, heartbreak, and the quiet power behind vulnerability. It features infectious hooks, virtuosic synth lines, and unique drum melodies.

The producer, Khaya, takes inspiration from acts like Chairlift, Charlie XCX, Grimes, and St. Vincent; and feels a deep connection to the soundscape she’s created for each of the songs.

Since meeting on new year’s of 2019, they have played countless sweaty, intense shows all around Brooklyn, Manhattan and the east coast. The purpose of their shows is to create a moment, to hone the magic that happens between audience and performer. It is cathartic, exhilarating, and intimate.

Instagram | WebsiteYoutube

4King Whisker (Charlie Rohlfs)

David and Viva, A LONE STAR LOVE

Charlie, frontman for King Whisker, is a singer, guitar player, writer, and producer.

“We needed a song that started underneath the final scene and went into the credits—something that would really hit home the irony in the ending. Charlie is such a poet, and delivered these beautiful images that have a way of perfectly summing up David’s emotional journey. He’s also a great producer and really conjured that Texas desert sound.”

Charlie is primarily known for his work with the San Diego Music Award Nominated and 91X Artist of the Month group, King Whisker.

His work has become a mainstay of SoCal radio as the singer, guitar player and primary songwriter for the band King Whisker. Most recently, he composed and performed the track “Dig the Well” for the final scene and credits of the film “Lone Star Love.”

Instagram | Website | Youtube

5Sammy G

Layla and David Eat Shaved Ice, A LONE STAR LOVE

Sammy G is the project of Austin based singer-songwriter-drummer Sam Graf.

“Sammy G contributed this great track to the film. It’s played during a romantic montage. It’s a really fun part of the film that people always respond to well. The challenge here was all about balancing the characters’ dialogue with the song’s lyrics, which our editor Rachel Peal completely nailed.”

Sam Graf was born in SC, raised in VT, CT, ME, Chicago, and Ohio. He moved to Austin after graduating from college in 2016 and has been pursuing music here ever since.

The music he creates combines classic folk, pop, and rock arrangements with a modest and genuine lyricism that is all Sammy’s own. Sweet music made by sweet people.

Instagram | Bandcamp

A LONE STAR LOVE is on its way to the film festival circuit. We’ll keep you up to date on the film’s progress and let you know when it is released publicly!

Starring Ronan Colfer, DeeDee Woche, Annette Berning, Kristen Kemper, and Ben Myers.
Edited by Rachel Pearl, Directed by Ben Myers, Director of Photography Nicholas Richter.

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