You could say Darryl Demps represents the Combo theme perfectly.

He paints, photographs, sculpts and professionally skates while also working as an art assistant for sculptor Gil Bruvel.

We featured Darryl’s paintings in Issue 20, where he combines woodworking with portraiture. You can read more about his process below and right after, check out his skating videos to be even more impressed.

Photo by Joey Cruz, @cruzpix

My work fits perfectly with the Combo theme of Issue 20, as I combine woodworking with oil painting.

I am really selective with the wood I use, as I aim to incorporate the grain of the wood into the narrative of the piece.

Jill (right), Majinbuu (left)

I either create abstract color fields through the woodscape, or I use the natural wood as a base to make portraiture with oil paints. Now, I’m leaning into using poetry, self-portraits, and abstract woodworking to create artwork that serves as narration of my life journey.

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