For Austin artist Erik Ross, painting is a therapeutic outlet he uses to expose his inner world while simultaneously connecting with the outside world.

It’s a symbiotic relationship that allows him to express himself fully and work without limitations.

Anyone who has seen Erik’s work would have immediately recognized it in Issue 20 “Combo.” The hard lines, abstract designs and vibrant colors are signatures of his established style. Though we’ve known Erik for years, it was great to delve into why he creates, which he shares below.

Photo by Joey Cruz, @cruzpix

The combo issue is a great fit for how I build out my artwork. My latest work has been a mix of mediums that bounce around from the ink, acrylic, and aerosol.

My use of each of these mediums combined I have been able to find my own voice in my art and cement a style for myself. My day to day experiences, music, and my friends in the art community here all play a big factor in my inspiration for my artwork.

Just Bein’ (right), Make Amends (left)

Everyday each aspect pushes my comfort zones and allows me to continue to grow in all realms of life and art.

Tails Never Cares

The vibrant energy and integrated abstract designs in my work is a representation that everything is relatable to perspective. Each work of art is a reminder that all things are dictated and defined by each individual’s consciousness and perception.

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